Movie Recycled Minimalist Folded Wallet #spaceballs

Movie Recycled Minimalist Folded Wallet #spaceballs

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We scour the Globe (yes the globe!) In search of the best of times past, and green up as we help clean up.  Each wallet is created with recycled materials, and inside is a fortune of prosperity, that once finally worn out, can be revealed.  100% made in the USA by an amazing network of travelers.

Details: #spaceballs #melbrooks #rickmoranis #johncandy

Recycled Materials, Recycled fabric,100% PVC Vinyl

Minimalist compact design.


Fits 6+  cards, $100+ cash, and a few business cards and receipts.

Individually handmade, never mass-produced.

Made with Recycled Fabrics. 

Fortune infused.